Fisk Virtual Tour App

Fisk Virtual Tour Android app flyerThe purpose of this application is to share the rich history of Fisk University. This is done through a virtual tour of the Fisk University campus. Users can view maps, images, and history of 25 locations on the campus. They can also get turn-by-turn directions from their current location to any of the 25 locations on campus.


Christopher Lee, Shayla Nolen, John McGrew, Olamide Adegbesote, Jamal Henry, and Kamilah Carlisle.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sajid Hussain, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Download the Fisk Virtual Tour Android app with this QR codeDownload

Scan the QR barcode using a barcode scanner app on an Android phone, or download the Fisk Virtual Tour Android app from the web (.apk file).


This app is based on Map Tour Tutorial, AppInventor Tool, MIT Media Lab (supported by Google).