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Employee Engagement

Mission Statement

The Mission and Vision of the Fisk University Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) are based upon the words of the sociologist and educator, Charles S. Johnson, for whom the humanities building, Park-Johnson Hall is named.

Dr. Johnson wrote, "I'm certain that man is made both good and bad by his institutions. These institutions are responsible for shaping our personalities, our morals, and the patterns of our social relations. The reshaping of our institutions, guided by the highest ideals of religious conviction, is our responsibility." (1950)


  • To support the well-being of all employees
  • To ensure the total engagement of all employees
  • To develop and recommend employee support programs
  • Improve working conditions, employee welfare, and employee productivity



Van Pinnock, Co-Chair

Office: 615.329.8852

Dr. Cathy Martin, Co-Chair