Richard Mu, Ph.D.


Dr. Richard Mu is a professor of physics in Life and Physical Sciences Department at Fisk University. He also has adjoint appointments at Vanderbilt University in Physics, VINSE and IMP programs. He received his PhD in 1992, worked as a research assistant and associate professor at Center for Photonic Materials and Devices from 1994 to 2004. Dr. Mu became associate professor since 2004 and established Nanoscale Materials and Sensors Group. In 2008, he was promoted to full professor.

Professor Mu and his group have a broad research interests in multifunctional nanostructure and devices fabrications and characterizations through innovative physical processes. The nanomaterials and systems show the great potential for very high efficiency in energy harvesting, conversion, and transport. The examples include piezoelectric based regenerative energy harvesters, the 3rd generation nanostructured solar cells, high efficiency optical emitters and surface plasmon-based optically enhanced photonic devices and sensors. He has over 200 refereed scientific publications, 3 book chapters and 2 patent filing. His research has been supported by NSF, ONR, ARO, and DOE ranging from fundamental and applied sciences programs to educational and center based initiatives.

He has co-organized and chaired several conferences, workshops and served on number of technical and proposal reviewers and panel member for NSF, DOD and ARO. He is also a journal referee for number of journals, such as APL, PRB, JAP and AM. He is a member of APS, MRS, SPIE and ACS. He has also received awards for the best research professor and the best mentor at Fisk and NREL/DOE, and the best presenter award.


Current Research Interests
Fields: Nanoscience and nanotechnology for energy conversion, transport and storage.


Nanostructured Materials: Nanomaterials include: nanoparticles, nanowires, and nanolayered structures of metals, semiconductors, and polymers that have potential applications in solar and mechanical energy harvesting and conversion, electrical energy storage, and tailoring energy transfer processes and efficiency.

Fabrication and Functionalization Techniques: pulsed energy (electron-beam and laser) deposition (PED and PLD), glancing angle deposition (GLAD), thermal and sputtering depositions, and physical vapor growth and chemical vapor deposition.

Nanomaterial-based Applications: Nanostructured materials for photovoltaic, multilayered polymer systems for capacitors and mechanical energy harvesting and sensing devices.


Book Chapters:

1.    “Solar Cells Based on Semiconductor Quantum Dots” by R. Mu, M. Wu and A. Ueda, Organic Photovoltaics: Mechanisms, Materials and Devices, Eds. S. Sun and S. Sariciftci, Chap. 14, Series: Optical Engineering  Volume: 99, CRC Press (2005).  ISBN: 082475963X

2.    “Doping of Polymers with ZnO Nanostructures for Optoelectronic and Sensor Applications” By R. Aga and R. Mu, in Nanowires Science and Technology, Nicoleta Lupu (Ed.), Chap. 10, InTech (2010) ISBN: 978-953-7619-89-3

3.    Annealing Effects on the Particle Formation and the Optical Response, Ueda, A.; Collins, W. E., and R.R. Mu; Ion Implantation edited by Mark S. Goorsky, Chap. 15, InTech (2012) ISBN: 978-953-51-0634-0.

Patents/IP Disclosure:

  1. “Optical Cavity Enhanced Photovoltaic Device”, K. Singer, R. Mu Provisional Patent June, 2009
  2. “Room Temperature Deposition Processes Mediated By Ultrafast Photo-Excited Hot Electrons”, IP Disclosure, Feb, 2013.

Referred Journal Publications (Last 5 Years)

  1. “Investigation of Ferroelectric Properties and Structural Relaxation Dynamics of PVDF Thin Film via Second Harmonic Generation”, J. Jones, L. Zhu, N. Tolk, and R. Mu, APL (Submitted, 2013)
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Richard Mu, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics

BS in Physics, Northeast Norman University, China
MS in Physics, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIU-C)
PhD in Molecular Science and Condensed Matter Physics, (SIU-C)
Postdoctoral Research at NASA-Fisk Center for Photonic Materials and Devices,

203 DuBois Hall
1000 17th Ave. N.
Nashville, TN 37208