S. Ray Bullock, Ph.D.


My passion lies in providing K-12 students a support-based pathway to realizing a higher education in the STEM disciplines. As a NASA researcher during the time-span of 1990-97, I trained seven undergraduates that received the IGERT support to obtain their doctorate. I have served the Center of Physics & Chemistry of Materials Director of Outreach since 2007 with the focus objective of increasing the number of minorities entering STEM disciplines.  One high school program entitled the Saturday Science Academy has proven to be very effective.  Since 2007, more than 100 have graduated and entered undergraduate programs.  Of that number, more than 70 percent have entered STEM disciplines. One of the roles in my current position has been establishing science clubs in elementary and middle schools in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district. In every school that we have established clubs in, we have grown to be the largest club in the first year. The relationships that I have established in these primarily minority serving public schools has allowed me to affect a change immediately in the self-efficacy of the students, teachers, and administrators

Recent Publications

  1. “Nonlinear-damped Duffing oscillators having finite time dynamics” Engineering Mathematics Letters, Vol.2014, Mickens, Bullock, Collins, Oyedeji”

S. Ray Bullock, Ph.D.
Research Professor of Physics/Director of Outreach Programs

Ph.D. Optical Physics, Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama
M.S. Surface Physics; Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee
B.S.  Physics; Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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