Fantina Carter


Fantina Carter was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and has garnered more than twenty years of experience in various management and executive support positions in the corporate and academic workforces. She earned her B.S. Degree in Special Education at Fisk University, AA in Business Management with a Financial Services concentration and an AAS in Business Management Technology with a Small Business Administration concentration at Nashville State Community College. She received her high school diploma from Maplewood Comprehensive High School.

Fantina served eight years as an Accounts Payable Specialist for the Executive Steering Committee in the Hospitality Industry.  She also worked as a Senior Lead Sales Assistant for seven Executive Sales Associates for a profit organization serving the advertising specialty industry, which mainly creates and distributes promotional products.

Fantina joined the Fisk Family five years ago and served as Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Provost. She functioned as the key administrative support person in management, coordination, and operations implementation for the Office of the Provost.

Currently, she holds the position of University Registrar and ensures the integrity, accuracy, and security of academic records of current and former students. Fantina’s duties allow her to have interactions with University faculty, staff, students and the general public.

Fantina Carter

Fantina Carter

B.S. in Special Education, Fisk University
AA in Business Management/Financial Services, Nashville State Community College
AAS in Business Management Technology, Nashville State Community College

Erastus Milo Cravath Hall
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Fax: 615.329.8587