Ladies of R.A.G.E.

The Fisk University Ladies of R.A.G.E. dance team is an organization committed to the excellence in its selected members, who pledge to provide quality entertainment to the University and the surrounding Nashville area.Rage Team - Group 

The Ladies of R.A.G.E. dance team provides an outlet for its members to express themselves in the art of dance and serves as a fellowship and socialization mechanism.  Each individual is embraced for her unique abilities and talents; she is also encouraged to share her personal experiences and creativity with her teammates.  The Ladies of R.A.G.E. are united in the common goals of achieving academic excellence, promoting school spirit, and serving the community as positive role models.  As Fisk women, they seek to perform and uphold the character set forth by the group’s name of Rhythm, Agility, Grace, and Essence.

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