Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

I am pleased to serve as Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Fisk University. Mathematics and computer science are deeply embedded in all of the quantitative disciplines, and serve as a fundamental aspect of the social sciences, as well. Our classroom instruction and undergraduate research opportunities prepare our students well for their next steps in graduate study or in their professional careers. Our faculty members are committed to providing a sound treatment of mathematics and computer science from lofty abstract ideas to real-life applications. New focus areas in our program, like an emphasis area in Bio Mathematics and Informatics, recognize the changing trends in our society and reflect the need for a global presence of mathematicians and computer scientists in the future.

I encourage interested applicants or collaborators to contact our faculty directly to learn more about Fisk and our individualized attention to the needs and aspirations of each of our students.

I also serve as Academic Discipline Coordinator for Mathematics. Moreover, I want to introduce you to the Discipline Coordinator for Computer Science, Lei Qian, PhD.

Departmental Chair

Cathy R. Martin, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Business

222 W.E.B. DuBois Hall


Assistant for the School: Marian Burns, 

Academic Disciplines