Fisk's Biology faculty offers both graduate and undergraduate programs and is active in developmental biology, environmental studies, microbiology, mycology, and neuropharmacology. Advanced students have opportunities to work with faculty researchers on projects. Many students present papers at scientific meetings.

  1. Major

Requirements for the undergraduate biology major, in addition to the University degree requirements outlined within this Bulletin, are:

Courses in biology (34 credits), including:

Course NumberCourse Name
BIOL 101, 101LGeneral Biology I Lectures and Lab
BIOL 102, 102LGeneral Biology II Lectures and Lab
BIOL 221, 221LHuman Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture and Lab
BIOL 222, 222LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture and Lab
BIOL 313, 313LMolecular Plant Physiology Lecture and Lab
BIOL 350, 350LGenetic Principles Lecture and Lab
BIOL 360, 360LMolecular Cell Biology Lecture and Lab
BIOL 497Senior Seminar I
BIOL 498Senior Seminar II

Four to eight additional elective credits in biology are required.
These courses should be chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor from the advanced undergraduate courses listed below.

Course NumberCourse Name
BIOL 220, 220LZoological Histology Lecture and Lab
BIOL 242, 242LEnvironmental Biology Lecture and Lab
BIOL 255-255LVertebrate Biology I (Anatomical) Lecture and Lab
BIOL 255-255LVertebrate Biology II (Developmental) Lecture and Lab
BIOL 270-270LMicrobiology Lecture and Lab
BIOL 390Special Problems (Research)
BIOL 390HSpecial Problems-Honors
BIOL 410, 410LBiotechnology Lecture and Lab
NSCI 290, 290HUndergraduate Research
NSCI 361, 361LBiochemistry I Lecture and Lab*
NSCI 362, 362LBiochemistry II Lecture and Lab*

*These courses are strongly recommended, especially for students who plan to enter graduate school in biology or professional school in the biomedical A student who chooses BIOL 313, 313L from the list of required courses may choose BIOL 221-222 with lab as major electives (or vice versa).

Required cognates (28 credits)

Course NumberCourse Name
CHEM 113,103LGeneral Chemistry I Lecture and Lab
CHEM 114 & 104LGeneral Chemistry II Lecture and Lab
CHEM 233 & 203LOrganic Chemistry I Lecture and Lab
CHEM 234 & 204LOrganic Chemistry II Lecture and Lab
PHYS 130 & 130LGeneral Physics I Lecture and Lab
PHYS 140 & 140LGeneral Physics II Lecture and Lab
PSY 180 or PSY 141General Psychology/Psychology of Adjustment

Mathematics requirement (4 credits)
In lieu of the core mathematics course (CORE 130), biology majors take MATH 120 (or higher level), and prerequisites as indicated by placement test results. It should be noted that most graduate and professional schools require a minimum of two semesters of college level mathematics and/or statistics.