Recent Honors Program Graduates

Current Honors Students

Class of 2017

Ghrayce Adeshina

Kelson Campbell

Ashli-Ann Douglass

John Jones

Michelle Jones

Dukuzumurenyi King

Taylor Prescott

Samanda Robinson

Rodrigo Nobles

Najera Rogers

Victoria Sedwick

Najah Skinner

Vestavia Smith

Deserae Warren

Class of 2018

Surabhya Aryal

Sharee Brewer

Nakuria Clayton

Ashley Davis

Jazmin Ewers

Christine Hale

Iyanna Hamby

Ami' Hanna-Huff

Howsikan Kugathasan

Jada Marshall

Kiana McClintick

Terisha Paul

Rahmi Pruitt

Lynette Robinson

Guillermo Sanchez

Tanya Torres

Joshua Williams

Class of 2019

Denise Buliga

Lemi Eba

Nadia Francis

Jasmin Johnson

Emani Mhoon

Kassie Thompson

Dylanne Terri Twitty

Recent Honors Graduates

Class of 2016

Brianna Herman, political science major

Honors project: “Power Shift: The Battle between the United States and China”

Class of 2015

Chelsea Clark, chemistry major

Honors project: “The Progress of Black Women following the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s-1970s”

Bre’Shey Kimball, psychology major

Honors project: “The Difference between Enclaves and Ghettoes and the Psychological Impact of Both”

Brea Martin, psychology major

Honors project: “Project Revive [Suicide]”

Christine Smith, English and political Science major

Honors project: “Voting Rights Infringements Then & Now”

Toluwalashe Onasumi, biology major

Honors project: “Mineral vs. Synthetic Makeup”

Christian Williams, biology major

Honors project: “Alternative Methods of Treating Breast Cancer”

Class of 2014

Nyadow Chol, biology major

Honors project:  “The Nuer Culture”

Roman B. Mitchell, Spanish and psychology major

Honors project: “The Underrepresentation of Black Coaches and the Exploitation of Black Student-Athletes in College Football”

Clementina Ojie, English and business major major

Honors project: “Four Black Women: A Collection of Original Stories”

Class of 2013

Keith Chandler (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Solipsisms: A Collection of Poetry”

Brittney Miles (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Bitch Bad? A Study of the B Word”

Sharaya Sims (major unavailable)

Honors project: “African American Mother/Son Relationships and Attachments”

Class of 2012

Beatrice Adams (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Reality Bites”

Jazmyn Frye(major unavailable)

Honors project: “Makaveli in Context: Analysis of Tupac Shakur’s Music in Determinig the Factors that Influenced his Psychological Personality Type”

LaQuasha Logan (major unavailable)

Honors project: “LOUD”

Cyntoria Meaders (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Waiting for a Prince”

Class of 2011

Angela Addae (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Social Entrepeneurs: Are They Achieving Their Goals?”

Liban Ahmed (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Autism in Tennessee”

Desmian Alexander (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Reinvention Road”

Gwendolyn Dinwiddie (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Fisking: A Stageplay”

Tiarra Land (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: The Effectiveness of Marriage Counseling”

Amorya Orr (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Mirrored Images: Aunt Jemima as a Descendant of the Mammy Image and the Effects of These Images on Society”

Carta Robinson (major unavailable)

Honors project: “New Historicism and the Application of Fictional Text to the Thematic Elements of Caribbean History”

Tiffany Thompson (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Atomic Force Microscopy Images of the Initial Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Annealed on Silicon Carbide”

Candace Warrant (major unavailable)

Honors project: “Positive Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention”

Jessica Alexander

Spanish Major
Senior project: “The Many Shades in Art: Women of Color in the Visual Arts"

Duretta Johnson

Sociology Major/Phi Beta Kappa
Senior project: “Welfare Reform and Public Sentiment: Has there been a change over time?”

Elissa Johnson

Sociology/English Majors/Phi Beta Kappa
Senior project: “The Perceptions of Child Welfare Practices: A Qualitative Study”

Lauryn Minter

Political Science Major/Phi Beta Kappa
Senior project: “Black White and Other: Latino Racial Identity"

Lauren Parker

History Major/Phi Beta Kappa
Senior project: “Du Boisian Feminism: The Evolution of Feminist Thought in the Works of W.E.B. Du Bois”